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About Nanna

I'm Anja, but my friends call me Nanna, I draw things and write things from Cape Town, South Africa.

I'm selling my wares to pay rent while I finish my PhD, which interrogates the interrelation of creative participation and information technologies in low-resourced settings.

This shop is a brand new venture, I hope to generate funds which which will go straight into helping me pay rent and buy instant noodles while I slay the thesis beast. Your support will help keep me off the streets - and you get cute things for your life. Symbiosis!

I make a drawing every day on instagram: @nannaventer

You can see my creative portfolio here: www.nannaventer.co.za

Read about my research here: www.hackingdesign.org

or mail me direct: anjaventer@gmail.com for commissions and enquiries.


xx nanna